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sleep deprived

I hate feeling tired and groggy. I actually got more than five hours of sleep last night (it’s really more like ten hours, considering what time I got out of bed this morning), but I am still dragging my feet. It’s like I’ve got this weight pressing down on my shoulders and it’s telling me to climb into bed and take a nap. Now it’s too late in the afternoon to even take that nap, because with my luck I’ll do that and not fall asleep tonight.

Last night, I had the strangest dream. I was going for a road test for some reason, and the cop in the car was my third grade teacher. She kept on asking me why I was getting my license – again – and I told her that I needed two just in case I lost one. So we are driving around town, but I can’t see out of the back window because the puppets from Avenue Q are sitting in the back seat complaining that I am going too slowly. Finally, I pull into a pizza place, and we all get out and go for grinders. Yes, not pizza, grinders. The puppets, my third grade teacher, and I.

I have to start going to bed earlier.  

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