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So tomorrow I leave. One week out in the woods. Okay, that’s a fib. I won’t really be in the wood, technically. The camp is actually a resort that has camp like facilities.

And that made no sense, even to me.

Okay. What I’m going to be doing is leading a bunch of six to eight year olds for the week (I wanted arts and crafts, but since I have a little sister that is eight, they gave me the little kids instead). The camp is actually a retreat for children that have Fanconi Anemia, a blood disease that causes limb abnormalities and them to be tired a lot. There is a lot more, but I’ll be briefed on that tomorrow morning when I show up.

It’s at some old hotel, but they have turned it into a place for families to go and stay for the week. I’ll be sleeping in the counselor’s dorms, which aren’t as nice as the hotel rooms, but hey, it’s better than sleeping outside. When I first heard the word, camp, I kind of freaked, but then I was reassured that it is just called a camp. At no point will we actually be down and dirty with nature.

The only thing that might make this experience, well, a little bit rocky is the fact that I am sharing a room with two of my friends. One of my friends and I are really close. Rebecca and I are the only two (half)Jewish girls at school, actually, so we bond over matzos and what not. But my other friend, Meghan? Well, I haven’t had a pleasant conversation with her since…oh, April?

You might say that we had a little falling out period. Yeah. Like I haven’t even talked to her SINCE April.

So this week could, and more than likely will, be exciting.

I have about five bags of just FOOD, and then two more duffle bags. I mean, I’m only going for six days, but if the hurricane does hit…well, Camp Sunshine might just turn into Camp Hurricane.

But now I must finish packing. I need to remember to bring shoes. Last time I went away, I forgot all about shoes and had to spend the week with one pair of sandals. Yeah, that wasn’t too much fun. </span>

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