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I think I’ve finally managed to get my sleep pattern down once again. Last night, I actually fell asleep before eleven, and you have no idea how excited that made me.

The concert was amazing. Totally rocked. I actually had good seats, but everyone around me was drunk. Tell me, why would you go to a concert and get drunk? You aren’t going to remember any of it in the morning then. And trust me, I want to have John Mayer inscribed in my memory forever.

I don’t know how my pictures are going to come out. The camera phone works…but not as well as I hoped it would. They are kind of blurry, and I really have to enhance them. But that’s okay. It gives me something to do later.

I’m quite hungry. Maybe I should get some supper.

Or you know, I could just sit here for a while staring aimlessly at my screen, hoping that I will break into show tunes sooner or later.

Started my anatomy work today. I almost started crying when I saw what the first chapter is entitled: Chemistry comes alive with Anatomy! Subtitle: Why Rae is DOOMED.

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