falling leaves (star3ry) wrote,
falling leaves

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short straws

I’m at work right now.


Work sucks.


...Like a straw.


Anyway, I wrote this yesterday to please the masses that have been pestering me since last summer. I don’t really like it, but then again I don’t like anything after I am done writing it.


Only six more hours until I get to go home!!! YIPPEE!!!!  [/serious sarcasm]


I am seriously contemplating setting something aflame. Only three people have come in, and we've been open since nine. I AM GOING INSANE IN THIS STORE.


It's like cabin feaver. But it's not, because I'm not on a ship. I'm in a jewelery store. So it's jewerly feaver. Yeah. That's it.


I need a diet coke.

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