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There’s a spider web in one of the windows in my room. It’s not technically IN the window, but on the outside of it, the other side of the screen, really. But because of this fact, I’m a little afraid to open my window. I don’t like spiders; they freak me out. So for the past week or so, I’ve had my window shut. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, because I only have three windows in my room. One of them now has a spider in it, the other has an air conditioner and the third is the only one I can open. It’s gets really stuffy in my room really quickly.

Anyway, this spider web. I’ve tried to get rid of it a few ways. First, I tried to scare the spider away. I started banging on the glass, trying to startle it into falling down the two flights to the ground. That didn’t work. I then got a squirt bottle, and tried to spray the spider with water and get rid of it like that. That was also a failed attempt. With the angle that it’s in, I couldn’t get the water to hit it, and I swear I saw the spider sniggering at me because of all I was going through just to get rid of it.

I alerted mom to this, and told her that I just want to get rid of it. But I’m not about to stick my hand out there and swat it away. Mom said that she would get to it at sometime, but not right now. She claims that she has too much on her plate as it is, and if I so want to get rid of the spider, I’m a big enough girl to do so.

Dave even offered to get rid of the spider web and spider for me, but I have a problem with letting him into MY room. I mean, it’s not like…well, I’m not sure. Never mind. But I don’t want Dave to get rid of the spider. He only scared the crap out of me the other day when he knocked on my door and asked if I could come down and help him with the computer. And he was just standing outside my room. So…yeah. I’m just muttering now, really.

So the spider web remains in my window. Instead of totally shunning away from it, and being all “Ew, a spider.” I’ve kind of taking a liking to the thing. I know, it’s strange. But since it’s on the other side of my glass, I can easily look at the spider without it lunging at me like Shelob and wrapping me in one of its webs. It’s just a small spider, not a huge one, but I do have to admit it is a fascinating little creature.

If only it was radioactive and transferred it’s spidy sense to me…

I can see it’s little fangs. Well, they aren’t really little. It’s more like “WHOA. That’ things got TEETH.” Or fangs. Whatever you want to call them. It’s also got this little point thing on the other side of its abdomen, and I don’t know what the heck it is.  Its legs are furry, just like a giant tarantula, and it’s actually killed a few bugs and I can see them wrapped up at the other side of the web.

Maybe I should make friends with this spider. Start calling it Charlotte, and see if it can write “RAE NEEDS MONEY” above my door way, so then as my parents walk by, they can go, “Hm, Rae needs money.” And then give me some.

Yeah. That’s what I’ll try and do.

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