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I’ve been home for two days. I got back late Wednesday afternoon after a day of driving. You would think that I would be all rested and relaxed and back on my normal schedule by now, wouldn’t you?

The thing is, that I am not nearly back to normal. I am about as far from normal as possible right now.

See, the thing is, that I am totally exhausted. I haven’t gotten more than six hours of sleep for the last week, excluding last night since I slept until eleven this morning. I haven’t been eating normally, either, and I am dizzy, have a constant headache, and I feel like I am going to puke.

But want to know something? I had one of the best times of my life.

Heading up, I wasn’t looking all that forward to the camp. I mean, it’s called Camp Sunshine. Usually when I hear the word Sunshine, I run in the other direction as fast as I can. But, after an hour up there, everything I thought was quickly discredited, and I had an awesome time.

I would love to explain every little detail about everything that happened, but I just can’t do that, now or ever, really. I can’t remember everything that happened. It’s all a big blur in my mind. My trip feels like one extremely long day. Sure, certain things stick out in my mind, like having six eight year olds chase me around the playground with a hose, and being pushed into the lake by David, but other little things have just fallen into the bigger picture. As time goes on, I think I’ll remember them. Once I get my pictures back, I’ll certainly remember a lot more than what I do now.

Sitting here, I can barely keep my head off of the keyboard. I am so exhausted. I had to sleep on a futon for five nights. That doesn’t sound so bad, considering that I’ve slept on a futon before. But a BORKEN futon? Not so fun. And the girls that I was rooming with had to be up at six since they were working in the kitchen. Even though I was woken up about an hour too early, they did all leave, leaving me free reign of the shower for the morning, which I fully enjoyed.

The six days up there really did change me. I got back, and everyone has been like, Rae, what is with you? I think it’s the fact that I was with these kids, perfectly happy and fine kids, with this life threatening disease. It really hit me hard the last day. I made friends with an older boy, Zack, who’s eighteen, who has Fanconi Anemia. I’ve already talked to him since I got back, and we are defiantly going to stay in touch.

Next year I am defiantly going back. I have to. Same week and everything. I am so attached to these kids already, it would be really hard for me not to go back again.

But yeah, I would love to drone on and on, but this was really just to let you all know that I wasn’t kidnapped and carried off into Canada, and/or attacked by a moose. The thing is, that even though I am totally whipped out and ready to collapse, someone (that would be me) has concert tickets (that would be for Maroon 5 and John Mayer) and they (meaning Lin and I) REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go.

So… peace out?

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