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once upon a time in new york city

Reasons why I couldn’t live in New York City
1. I have a fear of heights, which would restrict me from traveling above the fifth floor in any building
2. I don’t smoke and/or drink
3. I don’t like public transportation, like subways and buses
                a. Nor taxis
4. I’m too polite. When I bump into someone, I say I’m sorry. In NY, no one really does that
5. I don’t know Spanish
6. I get suck in revolving doors
7. I got a small chocolate milk one day, and it cost five bucks. FIVE BUCKS. I can’t be buying five-dollar glasses of chocolate milk. I barely have enough money to buy a one dollar glass of chocolate milk.
Reasons why I could live in New York City
1. You can get lost very easily. That’s a good thing
2. Lots of theaters and museums
3. Jamba Juice. They make the best smoothies in. the. World. And they’re lot fat and good for you, too.
4. Famous people. And famous things.
5. Good food.
6. Something is always happening all of the time.
7. it’s fun.
I am so tired, it’s not even funny.
I saw Avenue Q, which I thought was totally hysterical. It’s the new Rent (But with Puppets!), and I am definitely part of the Avenue Q cult. I think we’re getting jackets.
Wicked was good. Actually, it was better than good, it was great. I liked it so much I can look past the fact that the second act had nothing to do with the book at all, and the ending is totally different. The music was amazing though, and we had really good seats. So you know, everything worked out fine, and I got a t-shirt. (We, refers to Kate and I, who I dragged along with me. you don’t think that I was going to go ALONE, did you?)
We also saw the Producers, which was just as hysterical as Avenue Q. The guy who played Leo was very good looking. It’s too bad that we were in the third to last row, and it wasn’t like I could jump on stage or anything. Yeah, our seats for that show sucked.
Kate and I just hung out, basically, walked around, bough stuff from non-English speaking people on the streets, and we went to the Today Show yesterday. Mom said that she saw us. Kate is frantically waving to the camera; I’m sipping my coffee. Ah, what a way to spend my three seconds of fame.
Oh. Also, be jealous. I met Joey McIntyre.
…from New Kids on the Block?
Come on, tell me you remember him. I know you do. And he was the only famous person I met, so be jealous.

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