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Why must George Lucas insist on messing with the masterpiece that is Star Wars? The world may never know.

So my first week of classes went pretty well for the most part. I got my theater class – WHICH IS AWESOME – and that has really been the highlight so far. Today, I spent four hours in the theater. What beats that?

First rehearsal for the England exchange is Tuesday. I can’t wait. It’s just a bummer that my partner, Alexandra, hasn’t written back/returned my phone calls, since I finally figured out where in the word (or England) she lives.

I broke my computer chair yesterday. I am quite proud of my self. Well, it’s not really ‘broken,’ but I ripped the leather down the middle of the seat. So I found my trusty modge podge, and glued it back together. Now it’s kind of sticky to sit on, but hey, it will work. Once it dries, that is.

Only a week and two days until my birthday. It’s a good thing, because I have a craving for cake.

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